Welcome to the HSBNE Wiki!

This wiki is here for you to utilise to document things around the space, and for members to document their projects.

Or really, in the end, anything! It's a wiki, make it work for you :)

HSBNE Documentation

Infrastructure Document the various systems in place at HSBNE, from physical SNARC systems to IT infrastructure such as this wiki. If it has code, a repository, some kind of server, even if its just build plans for a trolley, this is the place for it.-

Causes - Members can band together to pool funds to purchase infrastructure for the hackerspace. Here's the info on what they're up to.

Tools - The main event, documentation and how-to's for the various tools found at Hackerspace.

Glossary - Sometimes we use weird terms and abbreviations at HSBNE, figure out what they mean here.

General Documentation

Projects - Member and Space projects, visible to the world to read about the things being built at HSBNE

People - Members, visible to the world to read about the peeps at HSBNE

How To - General guides on how to get things done around the space, from running classes to getting reimbursed by the treasurer

FAQ - Q&A, common answers to your questions about the hackerspace.

Suppliers - Where can I buy stuff to make stuff with? Who is cheap, delivers, in Brisbane, stocks, can get or has good service?