Drew Spriggs

  • Beau Sandford
  • Colby Davidson
  • David Bussenschutt
  • David Leventer
  • David Thomson
  • Drew Spriggs
  • Eris Ryan
  • Jaimyn Mayer
  • Jason Beattie
  • Joshua Hogendorn
  • Karl Richardson
  • Matthew Steel
  • Nicholas Clews
  • Philip Gowenlock
  • Philip John Thompson
  • Shane Frost
  • Zac Forrester

Each member will clean up after themselves. Cleanup during weekly meeting.

Broken or tools needing maintenance to be marked with appropriate ticket. Consumables: each member supplies own consumables.

To express interest in a class, please post in the forums and when we have a full class, they will run.

  • Welding
  • Basic turning