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Who to contact at HSBNE.

For anything to do with how HSBNE runs on a day to day basis, outside of cause areas, you should email the Executive on

Individual roles of the exec are:

  • President - Alex Wixted - [email protected]
  • Vice President - Drew Spriggs - @dreadnought_strength
  • Treasurer - position currently vacant
  • Secretary - Michael King - @3Doc, @Doc
  • Patron - Stephanie Piper - @Steph

Cause Leaders

For anything to do with cause areas, contact these Cause Leaders directly or post in the relevant discord channel.

  • Blacksmithing and Forging - Alex Wixted (@wixted)
  • Craftpunk - Meka Beecham (@Boo)
  • Digital Fabrication - Aaron Bycroft (@Crofty)
  • Electronics - Blair Calderara (@InverseInductor)
  • Metal Shop - Drew Spriggs (@dreadnought_strength)
  • Wood Shop - Joshua Hogendorn (@devians)

Reporting Broken Tools

Email [email protected] or report a spacebug in the membership portal here.

Digital Infrastructure Issues

If there's anything wrong with the digital infrastructure, let us know in the #infrastructure channel on Discord or by email to [email protected]

Other individual contacts include:

  • Wifi/Internet - Brendan Halliday (@nog3) or Jaimyn Mayer (@jabelone)
  • Doors and Interlocks - Brendan Halliday (@nog3) or Jaimyn Mayer (@jabelone)
  • Membership Portal - Jaimyn Mayer (@jabelone)
  • Vending Machine Spacebucks Integration - Jaimyn Mayer (@jabelone)
  • Forum - Brendan Halliday (@nog3)