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-====== Blacksmithing Cause ====== +====== Blacksmithing ​and Casting ​Cause ====== 
-Leader: ​Alex Wixted +{{ :​causes:​forge.jpeg?​nolink|}} 
 + ​**Location:​** The Forge is in the Hardstand, immediately to your right after the first container..\\ 
 + ​**Cause ​Leader:** \\ 
 + **Objective:​** The main purpose of the blacksmithing area is to provide a self maintained and intuitive area to practise the arts of blacksmithing,​ metal forging and sand casting.\\ 
 + ​**Members:​** See [[https://​portal.hsbne.org/​cause/​list/​|Current List]]\\ 
 + ​**Communications:​** [[https://​forum.hsbne.org/​c/​cause-effect/​blacksmithing|Forums]] and #forge in [[https://​discord.gg/​avtkH5t|Discord Chat]].\\ 
 + ​**Operating Policy:** [[causes:​blacksmithing:​operatingpolicy|Policy]]
-The main purpose of the blacksmithing ​area is to provide a self maintained and intuitive area to practise the art of blacksmithing,​ metal forging and sand casting.+</​panel>​ 
 +===== Cause Area Expectations ===== 
 +  * Please leave the area as clean or cleaner than you found it. 
 +  * Please make sure to put money in the donation tin for consumables. 
 +  * Please return tools to their homes.
-To reach this goal we have to complete the following items:+===== Cause Owned Equipment ===== 
 +<nspages tools:blacksmithing -exclude:​home -usePictures -h1 -textNS=""​ -textPages=""​ -subns -pagesInNs -naturalOrder>​
-  - Protect the area/​equipment from the weather. +===== Member Owned Equipment on Loan =====
-  - Establish a viewing zone for observers +
-  - Clean and organise the area +
-  - New hanging tool rack +
-  - Set up a gas forge for aluminium smelting along with a larger crucible (preferably 2L+) +
-  - Build fume extraction hood+
-To maintain a clean, safe and organised smithy, there will be some small tasks that members will have to complete: 
-After each use, the user much:+===== Ongoing Budgets ===== 
 +Monthly Consumables Discretionary - $100. This is a discretionary budget for the Cause Leader
-  - Ensure that all tools are put away in their designated areas after use. +===== Current Goals =====
-  - The anvil is covered to protect it from rain. +
-  - Embers are either put out, or scuttled +
-  - Clean up any mess caused by work+
-Weekly tasks will include: 
-  - Tool stock take 
-  - Extensive clean 
-Monthly takes:+===== Proposed Classes =====
-  ​Space maintenance.+===== Cleaning plan ===== 
 +When finished using the cause area, members must: 
 +  ​Ensure that all tools/​equipment is put away in their designated areas after use. 
 +  - The casting furnace is covered to protect it from rain. 
 +  - Clean up any mess caused by work 
 +  - Gas cylinders are removed and locked in cage 
 +  - donations for fuel/​consumables use left in donations tin/ through spacebucks 
 +Weekly tasks will include:
-As for requests for the space the forum will be checked on a daily basis and all purchases with an overall price of $50 will be decided in a vote.+  - Sweeping ​the floor 
 +  - emptying bins (steel recycling/​aluminium recycling/​rubbish)
-Meetings will have to be announced and will happen on Tuesdays when announced.+Monthly tasks: 
 +  - stocktake of fuel 
 +  - stocktake of tools 
 +  - identification of improvement areas
-Appointment classes: Inductions on the blacksmithing and forging equipment. 
-Monthly classes: How to draw and round a steel rod How to make a rail-road spike into a fire stokeHow to cast sand moulds+Meetings will  be announced with 7 days notice, ​and will happen on Tuesdays.
-Inductions can be held by any inducted ​member ​of the smithybut other classes for now will be hosted by Geoffrey Lean.+Inductions can be held by any member ​who has been inducted on the relevant equipmentin line with the cause operating policy.
-Future prospectives:​ Shed: Install a gutter Casting: Casting box + trays Ramming tools Cutters and Risers High temperature forges such as: Induction furnace Oil forge Smithing Power hammer Horizontal gas forge Misc Increase tooling (tongs for smelting) 
-Ideally we would also like to move into building an oil forge or induction furnace. This would allow us to melt/​recycle higher temperature metals such as bronze and steel. 
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