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Craft Punk Cause

Craft Punk is a Cause dedicated to the more artistic pursuits of HSBNE members. Previously known as the “Createatorium”, Craft Punk specialises in cosplay, sewing, moulding and casting, painting, models, pottery and kiln firing, screen printing, sculpture, etc. The Craft Punk room is the room on the right at the end of the Green Room.

Members of this cause will take part in shaping what we do and how we do it. Members attend meetings, vote on how to spend our funds, help with maintenance, cleaning and improvements.

We will run classes in any of the varied fields we cover and team up on collaborative projects.

Cause leader: Meka Beecham, aka “Boo”

  • Clean and tidy room
  • Install more desks
  • Fix sink
  • Mark all tools and items belonging to the Craft Punk cause with specified colour and tag
  • Find spots for all equipment, and mark it either on shadow boards or labels on cupboards and benches
  • Mark specified spots that HSBNE members can leave active projects (green ticket shelf)
  • Move kiln into the Craft Punk room
  • Get 3 phase connected for kiln
  • Collaborative sign- Decorating letter B.
  • Screen printing monochrome- Photo-emulsion (induction)
  • Basics of sewing (induction)
  • Sewing from a pattern
  • adapting a pattern
  • Screen printing multiple colours
  • Pottery and Kiln firing (induction)
  • Introduction to moulding and casting

Attendance: Timeka Beecham Chang-Yi Yao Brendan Halliday Aaron Bycroft

Meeting notes by Timeka Beecham

Meeting Opens 18:35

Opened by Timeka What classes we want to run. Timeka wants to run sewing classes that will advance each month. Timeka also wants to run screen printing classes which need some supplies bought. No one else has any classes to propose. Improvement day dates. Timeka sent invites to everyone for the Craft Punk Google calendar, to whichever address they have registered with HSBNE. If you didn’t receive it, can you hop on the Craft Punk thread and let Timeka know how you’d like to be contacted.

Timeka wants to buy some screen printing supplies. We might not have the funds immediately, but would like to get it voted in for when we do. It will be about $100 to set up, but will be getting money back from the classes. Nog suggests Timeka contacts Andrew about it, as he has screen printing supplies he might lend us. Review cost based on borrowing some equipment.

Vote for $60 to buy screen printing supplies:

For: 4

Against: 0

Buy cleaning supplies for the Craft Punk. A broom, dustpan and brush and spray cleaner.

Vote for $30 on cleaning supplies:

For: 4

Against: 0

Timeka says to keep an eye on the Cause thread, because that’s where she’ll be talking to everybody. Aaron says each cause should be running the sausage sizzle. Timeka agrees that would be a good way to make money for our causes.

Meeting closed 18:39

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