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Craft Punk Cause

Location: The Craft Punk room is the room on the right at the end of the Green Room.

Cause Leader: Meka Beecham, aka “Boo”

Objective: Craft Punk is a Cause dedicated to the more artistic pursuits of HSBNE members. Previously known as the “Createatorium”, Craft Punk specialises in cosplay, sewing, moulding and casting, painting, models, pottery and kiln firing, screen printing, sculpture, etc.

Members: See Current List

Communications: Forums and #cause-craftpunk in Discord Chat.

  • Please leave the area as clean or cleaner than you found it.
  • Please make sure to put money in the donation tin for consumables.
  • Please return tools to their homes.

Currently none of our tools require induction.

Tools are generally maintained by the cause leader, so check in with them before embarking on fixing a tool.

Monthly Consumables Discretionary - $100. This is for reimbursing purchases of cause consumables.

Current projects

  • Clean and tidy room
  • Install more desks

Pending projects

  • Mark all tools and items belonging to the Craft Punk cause with specified colour and tag
  • Find spots for all equipment, and mark it either on shadow boards or labels on cupboards and benches
  • Mark specified spots that HSBNE members can leave active projects (green ticket shelf)


  • Screen printing monochrome- Photo-emulsion (induction)
  • Basics of sewing (induction)
  • Basics of Embroidery

Future classes

  • Sewing from a pattern
  • adapting a pattern
  • Screen printing multiple colours
  • Introduction to moulding and casting
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