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Digital Fabrication Cause

Location: The Digital Fabrication room is the room on the left at the end of the Green Room.

Cause Leader: Cause Leader: Aaron Bycroft, aka “Crofty”

Objective: Digital Fabrication's goals are to provide, maintain, and run classes for equipment in the principles of digital fabrication and related fabrication services

Members: See Current List

Communications: Forums and #cause-digifab in Discord Chat.

Cause Area Expectations

  • Please leave the area as clean or cleaner than you found it.
  • Please make sure to put money in the donation tin for consumables.
  • Please return tools to their homes.

Notable Equipment

  • Large Format Printer
  • CAD modelling computer
  • Filastruder, a 3D printer filament extruder & recycler
  • Right CR-10
  • Left CR-10

Tools requiring Induction

Tools requiring Supervision

Process for becoming a Maintainer

Tools are generally maintained by the maintainers listed on the tool wiki page, so check in with them before embarking on fixing a tool.

Ongoing Budgets

Monthly Consumables Discretionary - $100. This is for reimbursing purchases of cause consumables.

Current Goals

  • Clean up room
  • Price up supplies.
  • Write up Photon workflow.
  • Write up Up Mini workflow

Proposed Classes

  • How to Vector
  • How to 3D Model
  • How to 3D Print
  • How to Filastrude

Cleaning plan

Digital Fabrication contains equipment that is sensitive to dust, and mess. The room must be vacuumed by users of the tools at least once a fortnight.

Current Projects

  • Finish upgrades to Red Laser Cutter