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 You can select up to 3 causes to support in the [[https://​portal.hsbne.org|Membership Portal]]. You can select up to 3 causes to support in the [[https://​portal.hsbne.org|Membership Portal]].
-=== Causes ​===+==== Cause List ====
-<nspages causes: -exclude:​home ​ -h1 -textNS=""​ -textPages="">​+<nspages causes: -exclude:​home ​ -h1 -textNS=""​ -textPages="" ​-usePictures -nbCol=1> 
 +==== Cause Leader Resources ==== 
 +The link below goes to the main ''​Causes''​ folder that is accessible by any cause leader and actively engaged member. If you don’t already have access please ask Jaimyn, Brendan, or the exec and we can add you. 
 +In here you’ll find a folder for each cause which contains the cause operating policy, a folder called ''​Tools''​ and any other cause related documents. Things like induction scripts, tests, machine manuals, etc should go into this folder (make a new folder under ''​Tools''​ for each tool). 
 +In the root ''​Causes''​ folder, you’ll find templates for the cause operating policy and JIT Documentation that would be great to see posted near each tool. 
 +[[https://​drive.google.com/​drive/​u/​0/​folders/​1Qbo3y44I1GvxX0o006OI7Z4W0blIUJj_|Google Drive Causes Folder]] 
 +You can add new tools to your cause area by using the form at the top of the [[https://​wiki.hsbne.org/​tools/​home|Tools]] page.
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