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-===== Cause Leader ​=====+====== Metalworking ​Cause =====
 +{{ :​causes:​metalshop.jpg?​nolink |}} 
 +**Location:​** The Metal Shop is located in the big shed, on the left hand side when facing the road.
-**Drew Spriggs**+**Cause Leader:** Craig Rea
-===== Members ===== +**Objective:​** To always maintain a work space environment with a high standard of safety and a respect for other members of HSBNE using the metal shop. This can be achieved through the cooperation and adhering to the policies, procedures and processes of the Metal Shop.\\
-===== Equipment to be Purchased =====+
 + ​**Current goals:​** ​
 +  * Restructure shop to be more usable
 +  * Run classes
-===== Cleaning plan ===== +**Members:** See [[https://​portal.hsbne.org/​group/​list/​|Metalshop members]]\\
- +
-Each member will clean up after themselves. Cleanup during weekly meeting. +
- +
-===== Maintenance Plan ===== +
- +
-Broken or tools needing maintenance to be marked with appropriate ticket. Consumableseach member supplies own consumables. +
- +
-===== Classes ===== +
-To express interest in a class, please post in the forums and when we have a full class, they will run. +
- +
-  ​Welding +
-  ​Basic turning +
 +**Communications:​** [[https://​forum.hsbne.org/​c/​cause-effect/​metalworking|Forums]] and [[https://​discord.gg/​avtkH5t|Discord Chat]]. Look for #​cause-metalworking\\
 +**Operating Policy:** [[causes:​metalworking:​operatingpolicy|Policy]]
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