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Woodworking Cause

Safety First. Make some great things for the space and create some awesome projects all while learning some new skills.

  • Adam Blake ## Members
  • Needs updating
  • Add tools and consumables.
  • Machine interlocks - (pending electronics hardware)
  • Consumables and Project storage
  • Room arrangement
  • Add computer to room
  • Dust Extraction for major tools

Each member will clean up after themselves. Clean-up during/after weekly meetings and classes.

Broken or tools needing maintenance to be marked with appropriate ticket.

Each member is expected to supply their own consumables for projects. We will help out where we can with tools and material.


Starts the 9th February 2015.

  • Safety and PPE
  • Tool induction - Safety, Use, Maintenance
  • Clean-up
  • Powertools 101 sharp and noisy
  • Handtools 101 Hammertime
  • Equipment maintenance cleaning and sharpening 101 sharpest tool in the shed
  • Small CNC 101 fancy whirly gig
  • Materials 101 to wood or not to wood
  • Make a jewellery or tool box
  • Shelving for the space so things can rest easy
  • Chainsaw 101 point away from face
  • Bush furniture
  • Planter box / Garden stuff
  • Build the space a couch (collaboration with creatorium)
  • Doors, hinges, locks, windows, sliders everything that opens and shuts
  • Frames building faster than termites can eat



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