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 +====== Causes ======
 +Causes are micro groups within HSBNE that are empowered to direct funds towards their own interests without having to convince merit to the group as a whole. In exchange for autonomy, Causes take some responsibility for the upkeep and community building of the hackerspace.
 +This means that (for example) a group of blacksmithers can direct funds specifically towards their interests (ie a new anvil) without having to convince the wider group of its merit as an expenditure. It means they can maintain their area and buy appropriate consumables for it.
 +You can select up to 3 causes to support in the [[https://​portal.hsbne.org|Membership Portal]].
 +=== Causes ===
 +  * [[Causes:​Automotive|Automotive]]
 +  * [[Causes:​BlackSmithing|Blacksmithing]]
 +  * [[Causes:​CraftPunk|Craft Punk]]
 +  * [[Causes:​DigitalFabrication|Digital Fabrication]]
 +  * [[Causes:​Electronics|Electronics]]
 +  * [[Causes:​MetalWorking| Metalworking]]
 +  * [[Causes:​Woodworking|Woodworking]]