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-====== ​Handle ​Bins and Waste ======+====== Bins and Waste ====== 
 +==== Bin Liners ==== 
 +Bin liners are located either on top of the kitchen fridge. If you come across a bin that is full, you should empty it into an outside skip and put in new bin liner.
-===== Inside ​Bins =====+==== General Waste Bins ==== 
 +We have lots of bins inside, they are there to collect rubbish but don't forget to empty them. General waste bins are either unmarked, or red in colour.
-We have lots of bins inside, they are there to collect ​rubbish ​but don't forget to empty themIt should be pretty obvious, but red ones are for general waste and yellow for recyclable.+There are also a number ​of small plastic ​bins that you can move around your work area. This makes collection of rubbish ​from messy projects like electronics or battery recycling more convenientPlease empty these into the larger inside bins before you leave.
-Bin liners are located either on top of the fridge or in the kitchen ​cupboardsNot using a bin liner or not emptying ​full bin is considered ​dick move.+==== Recycling Bins ==== 
 +We have a designated recycling bin in the kitchen ​area, and a larger recycling skip outsideAll recyclable materials (such as cardboard, hard plastics and paper) should be recycled. Take note that take away food packaging is generally not recyclable unless it's clean and doesn'​t have waxy coating. 
 +For collection of the larger skip bin call 131335 ​or visit suez.com.au 
 +==== Can & Bottle Recycling ==== 
 +We encourage members to recycle all drinking cans and redeemable bottles, both from our on site vending machines and any that are bought on site. There is yellow recycling ​bin with can sized hole on the top near the kitchen area for this purpose. When this bin is full, it should be emptied into the bigger can recycling skip outside that is emptied regularly by the scouts.
-==== Can Recycling ==== +We get money back from each can collected thanks to the QLD government'​s container recycling scheme, so make sure to recycle! 
-We collect almost all of the drink cans we use on site for the Blacksmithing and Forging cause to useThere is a can crusher and can bin right next to the big whiteboard in the Green Room. Please ​make sure you've emptied ​the can before crushing ​it and dent the side of the can before crushing.+Call Depot on 07 3290 0718 or  
 +email them on srcslackscreek@scoutrecycling.com.au 
 +You can also contact  
 +Gavin on 0447 446 211 or  
 +Lisa on 0433 219 856 
 +==== E-Waste ​Recycling ==== 
 +We have an on site E-Waste recycling bin courtesy of Substation 33You can use this bin to recycle non-commercial quantities of electronics such as TV screens, printers, computers, etc. Please ​do not leave anything outside or on top of this bin. If it's full, let the executive know and try again another day. Do not recycle bare batteries here as it is a fire hazard. Take them to Aldi. Contained batteries such as drill batteries ​and laptops are acceptable.
 +For Collection call 07 3826 1533 or visit substation33.com.au
 ===== Outside Bins ===== ===== Outside Bins =====
 +All of our inside bins need to be regularly emptied into our large skip bins outside. We have a few around, and these locations are explained on the map below.
-{{:howto:hsbne-lease-map-bins.png?600 |This is where the bins can be found.}} The big outside bins are located along the Eat St Carpark fenceline just beyond the Laser Cutter extraction box. +{{{{{:howto:hsbne_bin_map_1_.jpg?400|}}}
- +
-They are collected fortnightly on a Wednesday starting from the 8 Mar 2017. If you notice the bins are full or problems with the bin collection please inform the executive asap. It's also good form to drag them towards the gate on a Tuesday or when they'​re full. +
- +
- +
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