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 +===== Green Room TV =====
 +The TV in the Green Room is available for anyone to send video and music to. 
 +Turn it on by flipping *all* the switches on the 4-socket powerboard underneath the tv, and turn it off the same way. Make sure the amplifier is on, press the orange button on the front if it is not.
 +The TV has a Chromecast dongle, allowing you to control it from any PC or Android phone on the HSBNE Wifi network. Apps that support Chromecast (e.g. YouTube) streaming usually use this logo:
 +The TV Chromecast is called "​Greenroom TV"
 +Also you can use the Chromecast App on Android to change the volume, stop an existing cast, or add photos to the default slideshow.
 +Some websites are fully integrated with Chromecast, for instance Youtube, Netflix, Spotify, Google Music, and when casting to the TV you can control it directly from the webpage.
 +For playing local videos from your PC, install the Videostream chrome app: https://​chrome.google.com/​webstore/​detail/​videostream-for-google-ch/​cnciopoikihiagdjbjpnocolokfelagl?​utm_source=chrome-app-launcher-info-dialog
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