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 +====== Membership at HSBNE ======
 +Updating your membership record when you're leaving the group is important! Whether you're moving cross-country or just going back to school for a few months, ​
 +If you've experienced a problem with another member that is making you feel unwelcome, please refer to [[howto:​beexcellent|How to Be Excellent]] and the [[http://​hsbne.org/​admin/​dispute.html|Dispute Resolution Policy]].
 +==== If you're planning to come back within a few months ====
 +  * Email the Treasurer (treasurer@hsbne.org) and ask to suspend your membership. They'​ll suspend billing, and keeps your account from getting all horrible and confusing. ​
 +  * Suspended membership leaves you on the email lists and stuff.
 +  * Suspended membership is appropriate for medium-term departures. If you're gonna be gone a year or longer, please just cancel your membership, below:
 +==== If you're not planning to come back (soon) ====
 +  * Email the Treasurer and ask to cancel your membership. As above, being clear about when you've left reduces the fretting about whether you have.
 +  * You are always welcome to renew your membership at any point in the future (it'll just be more paperwork)
 +==== In all cases ====
 +  * Go through member storage, make sure you've taken all your stuff home, and return any used tub(s) to the pile near the door.
 +  * Go through the rest of the space, and if you're taking anything loaned home that people might miss, please notify the forum!
 +  * It would be polite to offer the option if people want to buy from you the things we've come to rely on, before they simply vanish.
 +  * Optional: Let the executive know what made you decide to leave. Don't worry, they can take it!
 +==== Financial Hardship ====
 +Member Fees may be waived in part or in full for a three month period due to financial hardship or relocation by emailed petition approved by at least two thirds (2/3rds) of the management committee.
 +If you're stuck, email the executive and we might be able to give you a WOOFing task.
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