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 +====== Run a Membership Induction ======
 +This page is intended as a high level overview of what members need to know about the site, safety and our culture from the Induction process.
 +These are the dot points on the induction form, let's go through them.
 +  * Understands how to use the fire facilities
 +  * Is aware of the first aid facilities
 +  * Knows how to safely evacuate the campus in an emergency
 +  * Aware of the HSBNE induction process for equipment, as well as general safety
 +  * Understands the Ticket, Doom Shelves and Boneyard system
 +  * Aware of the Donation and Loans system
 +  * The executive has ensured this member is invited to all HSBNE communications systems.
 +  * Knows where to find the most up-to-date information on HSBNE.
 +  * Understands what it means to be a member of HSBNE in ethos
 +  * Knows the infraction & dispute resolution process
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