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 +====== Use the UP Mini ======
 +In order to use the UP Mini there are a few things you'll need to do.
 +  - Check Printer Filament
 +    - Take a look at the printer filament spool and ensure there'​s enough filament on the roll for your print.
 +    - A good rule of thumb is for every square CM of your print there should be 15CM on the spool.
 +  - Initialise Printer
 +    - On the attached PC, run the 'UP 2.18' software. <callout type="​info"​ icon="​true">​The Up Studio software isn't working with this printer anymore.</​callout>​
 +    - On the Main Menu click 3D Print and then Initialize.
 +  - Insert Bed
 +   - Check the printer has a bed inserted, if not find a spare perfboard which should be with the printer.
 +   - Slide the perfboard into the slots on the 2 sides of the platform, using your hands to support the platform and pushing down and forward with your thumbs.
 +  - Test extrusion.
 +    - On the Main Menu click 3D Print and then Maintenance
 +    - Hit "​Extrude"​ button.
 +    - The printhead will start to heat up, within 5 minutes the printhead temperature will reach 260 degrees then the printer will buzz and the print head starts to extrude.
 +    - Watch the printer push the filament out, making sure it's not coming out sideways. If it is, report it to the #digifab chat. 
 +    - When it completes it will beep again, pull the filament out and it should be a nice smooth coil of filament. <alert type="​danger"​ icon="​fa fa-warning">​Do not reach up towards the nozzle, reach down towards the bed.</​alert><​callout type="​info"​ icon="​true">​If the filament is bubbly or textured or doesn'​t come out at all, report this to #digifab chat..</​callout></​WRAP>​
 +  - Set up Print
 +  - Clean off Bed
 +Changing Filament