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 +====== ARCHIVED ======
 +<​del>​Many of HSBNE'​s current services communicate on a mish-mash of REST apis, longpoll loops and local mysql databases.
 +This is not optimal for future service interoperability and so we have adopted using AMQP for messaging between services, with messages encoded in Messagepack.
 +At the Port Hack site our AMQP Messaging is hosted via RabbitMQ on the hsbne-messaging virtual image running on hsbne-xen1.
 +To hook up your internal AMQP services (we don't do external ones yet) you can use the internal hostname of **hermes** , you can automatically create an AMQP queue to publish/​subscribe to. Please make sure your queue name is unique and descriptive.
 +nog3 currently maintains the host and the rabbitmq service, contact him for assistance.
 +More info: AMQP - http://​www.rabbitmq.com/​how.html MessagePack - http://​msgpack.org/</​del>​