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 +===== Home Assistant (hass.io) =====
 +Our home assistant (hass) instance integrates all of our IoT sensors and powers our [[infrastructure:​services:​greenroomdisplay|green room display]].
 +=== Bundled Services ===
 +== MQTT server ==
 +This uses the hass authentication system that allows you to easily add and manage users.
 +== Zigbee2mqtt ==
 +This controls the ZigBee co-ordinator (a [[https://​www.zigbee2mqtt.io/​how_tos/​how_to_connect_a_cc2530_coordinator_using_a_usb_to_serial_adapter.html|CC2530]] device). We have various [[https://​www.zigbee2mqtt.io/​how_tos/​how_to_create_a_cc2530_router.html|CCC2530]] devices around running a [[https://​www.zigbee2mqtt.io/​how_tos/​how_to_create_a_cc2530_router.html|router firmware]], so they act as a ZigBee router. Most of these are in red cases with a small black dipole antenna. There is also one in a box up on the roof sitting just under the large white omni antenna servicing our external devices.
 +===Useful Info===
 +**Current Maintainer(s):​** Jaimyn (@jabelone)\\ ​
 +**Running On:** [[infrastructure:​servers:​porthack01|Porthack01]]\\ ​
 +**Documentation:​** [[https://​www.home-assistant.io/​docs/​|Hass.io documentation]]
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