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 +===== HSBNE Portal (MemberMatters) =====
 +The HSBNE Portal is open source software called MemberMatters and is a full featured membership portal. It is designed by and for HSBNE (Hackerspace Brisbane). It was created by [[https://​github.com/​jabelone/​|Jaimyn]] in his spare time, with a little help from some HSBNE members. It can manage membership, access permissions,​ spacebucks, doors, interlocks and more! For more information please see the GitHub repo [[https://​github.com/​membermatters/​MemberMatters|here]].
 +The HSBNE member portal runs inside a docker container on [[infrastructure:​servers:​porthack01|porthack01]]. It is primarily written in python and JavaScript (Vue.js) and uses a locally stored sqlite database. There is an nginx reverse proxy on [[infrastructure:​servers:​porthack01|porthack01]] that manages SSL and proxies traffic from portal.hsbne.org to the right container.
 +The member portal also implements the [[https://​spaceapi.io/​|space API]], although it currently does not dynamically pull sensor information etc.
 +===Useful Info===
 +**Author(s):​** Jaimyn (@jabelone)\\ ​
 +**Current Maintainer(s):​** Jaimyn (@jabelone)\\ ​
 +**Running On:** [[infrastructure:​servers:​porthack01|Porthack01]]\\ ​
 +**GitHub:** [[https://​github.com/​membermatters/​MemberMatters|HSBNE Portal]]
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