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 +===== UniFi Video Snapshot Getter =====
 +This docker container will grab a configuration file with a list of cameras in it and grab a snapshot from a Ubiquiti NVR every x seconds. It then stores it in an output location that is publicly accessible at portal.hsbne.org/​webcams/​. These snapshots are used in the [[infrastructure:​services:​memberportal|member portal]] and the [[infrastructure:​HomeAssistant|home assistant]] instance.
 +===Useful Info===
 +**Author(s):​** Jaimyn (@jabelone)\\ ​
 +**Current Maintainer(s):​** Jaimyn (@jabelone)\\ ​
 +**Running On:** [[infrastructure:​servers:​porthack01|Porthack01]]\\ ​
 +**GitHub:** [[https://​github.com/​HSBNE/​UniFiVideoSnapshotGetter|UniFi Video Snapshot Getter]]
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