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 +===== HSBNE ZigBee Network =====
 +HSBNE runs a ZigBee network on site. This allows our various Aqara sensors (including door and window sensors) to function and integrate into our MQTT server (runs under [[infrastructure:​services:​homeassistant|Home Assistant]]). This allows us to track the state of all the external windows, doors, and gates around HSBNE and powers our [[infrastructure:​services:​greenroomdisplay|green room status display]].
 +As of 16 August, 2019, this is the current ZigBee network map:
 +===Useful Info===
 +**Author(s):​** Jaimyn (@jabelone)\\ ​
 +**Current Maintainer(s):​** Jaimyn (@jabelone)\\ ​
 +**Co-ordinator Running On:** [[infrastructure:​servers:​porthack01|Porthack01]] (runs under [[infrastructure:​services:​homeassistant|Home Assistant]])\\ ​
 +**Build Log:** [[https://​forum.hsbne.org/​t/​hsbne-zigbee-network/​3272|ZigBee Network]]
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