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Vendo is a parts vending machine built from the husk of a Wurlitzer vending machine from the 80's.

Unfortunately when work commenced on it originally the coin mechanism had died. As such, it is now powered by:

  • Arduino (Mega, for controlling the hardware.)
  • Rasberry Pi (B+, running the web interface, touch screen and an RFID reader.

Vendo's core software (npc-vend) runs as a web service on the Raspberry pi, providing a web interface. On boot the raspberry pi launches npc-vend and Chromium pointing at the npc-vend web interface which also handles the RFID reader.

Npc-vend is an app written in nodejs as an express web server, using johnny-five to interface with the hardware via the firmata protocol. The codebase for npc-vend can be found at

If you have any questions about the hardware, contact nog3 or tullo on the forums.

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