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Other business
  • Pelrun Cannot find RFID reader intended for roller door. Question - place LittleBird order to get it resolved? $25
    • 7 members in favour - motion carried
  • First aid Kit - St John's low risk wall mounted $180
    • Motion carried to purchase
  • Power boards - 5 x 4-port switched power boards @ $20 each
    • Motion carried to purchase up to $100
  • Steel cable 3 lengths + turnbuckles etc
    • motion carried to purchase up to $100
  • Fire extinguishers (2x automotive class Dry Chem)
    • motion carried to purchase up to $100
  • Screwdriver set up to $30
    • motion passed
  • Age limits
    • For under 18's (members and visitors) there must be a BlueCard or Guardian present
  • List of First Aiders
    • Doug Miller (current)
    • Matthew Costa (current)
    • Luke Jonston (current)
  • Blue Card Holders
    • Lawrence Dixon (current)
    • Luke Jonston (current)
Action items
  • Lemming wants movement on the logo
    • Suggesting a logo design competition
      • prize is one month membership
  • Things we might need
    • First Aid kit
      • Buzz warns it must be maintained and “owned” by someone, else it will go to shit
    • Fire extinguishers
      • Need to be checked every 12? months
      • CO2 extinguishers way out of our price range
      • Looking at a few small ones from e.g SuperCheap
    • Cabling for hanging power/lights/data etc
    • Power boards
      • 6-port switched power boards around $30 from Jaycar etc
    • Soldering station
      • $100 from Jaycar
    • Tools
      • Drill press?
      • Screwdrivers
      • socket set
      • shifters

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