layout: default sitemap: false description: CityStudio's Agreement, minor purchases date: 2010-07-13 time: open: "20:00" close: "20:25" author: Secretary signed: President tally: 6


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Notified agenda items

  • Need to ratify HSBNE/CityStudios agreement/peace pact
  • Item 1 - minute new door policy and copy to Jeremy
  • Item 3 - CS and HSBNE agreed that HSBNE have nothing further to do with making the “rear” doors (barn door and manhole)
    • noted
  • Item 4 - roller door will get battery backup
    • work in progress, finished soon
  • Item 5 - New Door Rules - noted
    • Effective rule must be that until an IR barrier/buzzer is installed on the roller door, roller must be closed at all times except during entry/egress
    • Motion carried 5 yes, 1 abstain
  • Item 6 - HSBNE agreed to grease the roller door - done
  • Item 7 - replace rope with commercial belt - done
  • Item 8 - HSBNE to build an enclosure for the roller belt/drive mechanism - in progress, box built, to be hung this week
  • Item 9 - General discussion, no resolution
  • Item 10 - toilet and tank is costing CS money - is there an alternative? CS may decide to remove the toilet buliding and replace with a cheaper solution
  • Item 11 - non-issue
  • Item 12 - non-potable water - HSBNE to create and erect some signage to that effect
  • Item 13 - Buzz to be primary POC for lease/CS issues

Casual Agenda items

  • Buzz says RFID on roller door is going out of order for at least 3 days for maintanence/upgrade
  • Lemming proposes to source 6 x fluoro light fixtures for $5 ea
    • approved 6-0
  • Bank account access for new committee soon to be finalised

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