layout: default sitemap: false description: Constitution changes, tool purchases, fluoro lights date: 2010-08-10 time: open: "19:40" close: "20:55" author: Unknown signed: Unsigned tally: 9


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{{ page.tally }} Members Present

  • Lawrence Dixon
  • Joel Byrnes
  • Clinton Roy
  • Andrew Hamilton
  • David Bussenschut
  • Doug Miller
  • Luke Preston
  • James Churchill
  • Matthew Costa



Issues voted on.

  • Constitution Changes as made by Lawrence Dixon on 04/08/10: Passed unanimously.
  • Tool purchases as made by Lawrence Dixon: Passed Unanimously
  • Fluoro Lights as purchased by Lawrence Dixon: Passed unanimously

Meeting closed temporarily due to flooding at :20:00

Meeting reopened at :20:30

  • Voted for $75 per month cost of public liability to be paid retroactively and recurring to City Studios: Passed Unanimously
  • Discussed ongoing rental costs. Agreed to small increase in all inclusive for current space, or current amount plus ongoing costs.

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