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  • Luke Johnston
  • Daniel Fielding
  • Nathan K
  • Joel Byrnes (Treasurer)
  • Sean Mailander
  • Alex Wilson
  • Seppo Saario
  • David Bussenschutt
  • Lawrence “Lemming” Dixon (President)



  • Lemming informs the group that rent has increased to $420pm. Also insurance to be back paid.
  • Motion passed to spend up to $200 on a drill press.
  • Discussed applying for grants after incorporation.
  • Motion passed to buy a corded drill up to $50.
  • Motion to allocate a petty cash fund of $50 per month. Money not spent accrues. Passed.
  • Motion to reimburse Lemming for $75 for drill bit set and cordless drill. Passed.

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