2019-07-09 - Window & Door Sensors,Metal Lathe Quick Change Tool, RFID Swipe Keylocker



- Purchase Proposal: Jaimyn's Window & Door Sensors

- Purchase Proposal: Craig Rea's Metal Lathe Quick Change Tool Post

- Purchase Proposal: Nog's RFID Swipe Keylocker

Members Present:

- to be updated

Non-Members Present:


- Alan Webb appointing Alex Webb as proxy

Meeting Opened: 8:03pm

Meeting Closed: 8:27pm


- Jaimyn

- Went over the purchase list

- Causes to look over the list to see if they can benefit from any of the 

- Craig: To solve the issue of doors/windows being left open.

- Doc: Sensor to be put into Digifab since it would benefit 

- $160 (added another tempreture sensor)

- Opposed 0 abstaining 1 motion passed 

- Treasurer's Report: $6800 general funds $14k in savings

- Craig

- Specific model has been sourced

- Opposed 1 abstaining 3 motion passed

- Nog

- Waterproof letter box essentially

- To track keys whereabouts

- To be integrated into the portal

- Front gate,

- Opposed 0 abstaining 3 motion passed

General Business-

- Doc: Supanova organisation meeting next Tuesday 8pm

- Jaiymn: public social media reminder

- Active membership for accessing the site

- Guest has to be supervised

- Build logs please!

- Classes

- Nog: Tool Abuse

- Use tools for their intended purpose

- Boxes to be allocated for the causes 

- Gab: Secure the site if you are last on site

New members



- Aaron: Thank you to Buzz and Pierce for helping with a project.

- Alex: thank you to Bryan for the delivery of a tool