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 +====== Causes Policy ======
 +Causes are micro groups within HSBNE that are empowered to direct funds towards their own interests without having to convince merit to the group as a whole. In exchange for autonomy, Causes take some responsibility for the upkeep and community building of the hackerspace.
 +This means that (for example) a group of blacksmithers can direct funds specifically towards their interests (ie a new anvil) without having to convince the wider group of its merit as an expenditure. It means they can maintain their area and buy appropriate consumables for it.
 +==== Minimum Requirements ====
 +At a minimum, to exist a cause must have:
 +  - One leader
 +  - Five members total
 +  - Committed to the contribution rules
 +  - Approval from an executive majority vote
 +  - Registered themselves with the Treasurer
 +  - A wiki page (on the HSBNE domain) stating
 +      * The current leader.
 +      * The cause objectives.
 +      * The Causes’s Operating Document (if one has been approved by cause membership)
 +      * Causes contribution details (classes, area of upkeep etc).
 +==== Cause Contributions ====
 +Causes must contribute back to the hackerspace as defined by the executive. Failure to meet these obligations in a calendar month will result in all cause budget access being suspended until such time as the obligations are being met. The current rules for contribution are:
 +  - One event or class per calendar month. Inductions do not count towards this. This means that a cause must have run a class or event in the previous or current month to access funding.
 +  - Obligation to ‘own’ a physical area of the hackerspace and be responsible for its upkeep and appearance. Upkeep includes keeping the area clean and tidy, and making sure facilities are in good working order.
 +  - Grants specifically for the cause must also have some contribution to the hackerspace as a whole.
 +==== Cause Rules ====
 +  - Members may allocate up to 30% of their monthly membership fees to up to three (3) causes.
 +  - Causes must have an operating policy document to form and run. This document should detail:
 +      * Induction and Maintenance processes for cause tools.
 +      * Lists of tool maintainers and process for becoming a maintainer of each tool
 +      * Expectations for use of cause area, including Shared Working Spaces, Supervision and Storage.
 +      * Ongoing approved budgets for expenditure/​reimbursement (ie, consumable restocking)
 +  - Quorum is defined as minimum 3 people or 40% of cause membership, whichever is greater. However, the required quorum amount is capped at 10 members.
 +  - Each cause member is only allowed to hold two proxy votes at a cause meeting (so 3 including their own).
 +  - Meetings must be given with 5 days notice of any agenda items.
 +  - Causes may (at the discretion of the treasurer) accept contributions from sources other than membership fee alotments.
 +  - Causes meetings may vote on items relating to:
 +      * Expenditure of a causes balance (at the discretion of the treasurer).
 +      * Induction processes for use of tools the cause is responsible for.
 +      * Supervision of tools the cause is responsible for and induction of supervisors thereof.
 +      * Maintenance lock-outs for tools.
 +      * Amendments to the cause’s Operating Policy.
 +  - Causes must publish all voted policies/​processes on their entrance (or as close as practicable) and on the HSBNE Wiki on their Cause page.
 +  - Cause Leaders must resign their position at the Annual General Meeting and be nominated and voted in.
 +  - Cause Leaders may be removed from their position by a majority vote of the Executive or the Membership.
 +  - Causes may not:
 +      * Deny general membership access to a cause maintained area
 +      * Deny non cause members to any meetings, equipment, tools, consumables or classes.
 +==== Starting a Cause ====
 +To start a cause, [[executive@hsbne.org|contact the executive]] with:
 +  * The name of the leader
 +  * The first five members
 +  * Planned class(es)
 +  * Proposed area of upkeep.
 +  * An operating policy.