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Guests Policy

HSBNE is for the benefit of the community, not just its members. We allow guests on our campus and limited use of our facilities however we reserve the right to ask guests to leave at any time. This document aims to clarify the expectations and limits of being a guest at HSBNE.

Unaccompanied guests are non-members who attend the space when it is open to the public. For example, during open nights or public events. They are not entitled to utilise equipment or consumables directly, but a member may opt to assist them. Essentially, look don’t touch is a fairly simple interpretation.

Accompanied guests at HSBNE are non-members who attend with a current financial member. In this case, the financial member is responsible for the actions of the guest. For example, Legal guardians with minors fall into this category. Accompanied guests may utilise the resources that the financial member is willing to supervise them with, and that the financial member themselves is entitled to use (for example via induction).

A member may have two (2) accompanied any one point in time.

Sometimes when members attend the campus, they leave the facilities open and non-members may enter. In the case where this happens, all members on site are responsible for the actions of the walk in guest. If you are not comfortable with this as a member, ensure the facilities are secure to walk ins, or ask them to reattend on an open night.

Class attendees are entitled to utilise the resources that are relevant to their class. The member running the class is responsible for the safety and security of the facilities during and after the class, until all attendees leave the premises. When in doubt, class attendees are treated like accompanied guests where the class runner is the responsible member.

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