As part of my solar airconditioner I am working on a project to use the sun to boil water.

V2 is a $5 kmart glass jar with a water bottle inside. This is surrounded by a reflector.

Key Discoveries:

The glass jar does not get hot despite being in the sun.

The drink bottle is almost boiling the water.

31 Aug 2019 log

I started with 800ml of cold water.

At the end of the day I had 740ml of almost boiling water.

9 Dec 2019

I have decided to go with a flat panel design to get more energy. However my solar collector pipe has sprung a number of leaks.

8 March 2020

After a lot of research I have found that the water only needs to get to 50C and not boiling. The new design is to lay a number of coils of black pipe on the roof to get the heat. And even on a cloudy day the water gets to a reasonable temperature.

Now I just need to add more coils to get the temperature up higher and build a way to get it back down to ambient.

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