In 2006, a breakthrough open source printing project, named Reprap, was developed in England. The rep-rap was capable of manufacturing various plastic parts, roughly 50% of itself. The first version of the Reprap, the Darwin, was released in 2008. In continued development of Reprap printers the next model developed was the Mendel.

The Mendel succeeded the Darwin in efficiency using a varient triangular core structure as opposed to the square frame of the Darwin. Following the Mendel several different research projects took the rep-rap in new directions, one of those directions being the Huxley, another the Prusa (a simpler streamlined rep rap offering), and others including mini-mendel systems. Concurrent development of extruder technology has allowed for the modification of most Reprap commercial printers, and with the capability of self-replication, these printers are an effective means to generate additional copies and 3d printing capability.

Here is the Darwin printer that was built at HSBNE by James and others

Darwin printer img

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