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 +In 2006, a breakthrough open source printing project, named Reprap, was developed in England. The rep-rap was capable of manufacturing various plastic parts, roughly 50% of itself. The first version of the Reprap, the Darwin, was released in 2008. In continued development of Reprap printers the next model developed was the Mendel.
 +The Mendel succeeded the Darwin in efficiency using a varient triangular core structure as opposed to the square frame of the Darwin. Following the Mendel several different research projects took the rep-rap in new directions, one of those directions being the Huxley, another the Prusa (a simpler streamlined rep rap offering), and others including mini-mendel systems. Concurrent development of extruder technology has allowed for the modification of most Reprap commercial printers, and with the capability of self-replication,​ these printers are an effective means to generate additional copies and 3d printing capability.
 +**Here is the Darwin printer that was built at HSBNE by James and others**
 +{{http://​hsbne.org/​assets/​img/​projects/​darwin/​P1010504.JPG|Darwin printer img}}