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 +The Meeting Attendance Swipe is a project by Brendan "​nog3"​ Halliday.
 +==== Hardware ====
 +  * A Lolin esp8266 development board and base board.
 +  * A 3xAA battery pack.
 +  * A single WS2812b addressable RGB LED
 +  * A Seeedstudio Grove - 125KHz RFID Reader
 +  * A funky case based on [[http://​www.thingiverse.com/​thing:​17240|Parametric Flexbox by bdahlem]]
 +==== Software ====
 +The software side of things is a very simple C program written in the Arduino IDE using the ESP8266 custom board support.
 +On boot it connects to a wireless network and then waits for a serial message on a digital pin of the RFID tag swiped on the reader. It then massages this tag ID to remove the manufacturer code and CRC and then turn it into the decimal representation of the tag ID.
 +Once it has the tag ID in decimal format it sends it off to our access system and waits for a response, turning the WS2812b yellow. Based on that response it will then either turn the WS2812b green or red depending on whether or not the user is in the system and is paid up.
 +The code is so simple, it is posted below:
 +> code