So sometime ago the space got offered a gigantic billboard printer allowing us the opportunity to make a giant cnc machine. Unfortunately no all the useful parts remained so after stripping it back to bare essentials it is time to build it up to moving conditions and get it making other cool stuff for us.

Current People

  1. Buzz (davidbuzz)
  2. German Sven (svenska)

Previous People

  1. Karl (rut4ger)
  2. James (pelrun)

What we have to work with

  1. 3m5m0.15m XYZ axis
  2. 3* 3phase servo motors
  3. 4* 3phase Lust servo drivers
  4. 1* 3phase spindle motor
  5. 5KW VFD
  6. an old computer with the printer and driver software

The XYZ table

The rails are all good and it is belt driven on X and Y and ball screw on Z. Unfortunately we still need to join the Y axis and make a motor coupler for the X axis. Being belt driven will limit some ability for use as a mill for and material harder the aluminium. There was also twin drives for the z axis but that has now been reduced to one with the slave motor being moved to the X axis. Though the old mount will be cool for placing on a camera to video the machine in action.

XY - Karl got the chassis, rails, belts downsized, and movable manually, whick is great.

XY - one of the motor/gearbox units ( silver one) needs custom fab work to re-integrate, standoffs and shaft couplers etc, we've begun this, but it's WIP.

Z - this axis is essentially non-existant at this point, but Karl also handed us new parts and balls screws for it, which we're going to include in the Z design. Karl also had a 3d model of his proposed Z design, that we like , and will pretty stick as close to, as we can, given the materials we have.

Z - We've just cut and CNC'd ( on Hulk ) the smaller of the two Z “plates” that makeup the core of the Z axis, it's nearly perfect, and will be very usable once 4 of the holes are tweaked.


2 of the 3 motors had there cables cut so rewiring of the motors and resolvers at both the motor and driver end was needed. Thankfully the original design left plenty of spare cable.

We've re-arranged the motors so the “40” is on Z, and the “30”s are on X and Y.

Model numbers are as follows

  • X axis: Transtechnik SM 100-50-030-P0-45-R1-B1
  • Y axis: Transtechnik SM 100-40-050-P0-45-R1-B1
  • Z axis: Transtechnik SM 100-50-030-P0-45-R1-B1
  • Spindle: Perske VS 50.09-2


The motor drivers can be reprogrammed for different tasks in using Lust Drive manager on the old computer that came with the machine and a Serial cable connected to X2 on the drivers. Currently they have been programmed to be controlled by step and direction signals via port X5 on the drivers this makes them behave like stepper motors the same as the smaller cnc and 3D printers we have at the space so it can be easily understood by more people. There is also a enable(labelled start pin) programmed on input 1.

The wiring for the higher (24V and 415V) please refer to photos I will shortly upload.

Driver model numbers are as follows

  • 2x LUST CDD.34.003.C2.0
  • 2x LUST CDD.34.005.C2.0

New Software

We have a computer and kiosk for installing linuxcnc( or similar onto this will give us our g-code interpreter to run the “step-servos” through the parallel port it will also receive the input from the endstops and control whatever mill/cutter/extruder we decide to attach. Once this is installed a list of pinouts will be loaded below.

Current plan for the unit when it moves

Pen plotter for the day it moves to give some satisfaction.

After that turn into a plasma cnc cutter and/or CNC wood sheet router. if funds allow to let us cut sheet metal

Still to do

  • Install linuxcnc or equiv on pc
  • Create parallel to driver & endostop board
  • X motor coupler - done by Karl.
  • Y motor coupler - in progress
  • Water bed - not for MVP, we'll start with sheet router table for plywood sheets etc.
  • Buy or aquire a suitable spindle ( perhaps 2 or 3kW? ) , and/or buy a plasma cutter