HSBNE Covid-19 Resources

This page is to collate and document what members are doing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Metro North have put a call out for head frames for face shields. They aim to print 3,000 in 3 weeks.
The announcment page for the call-out

Here is the link to the design By Prusa There is also a secondary design for shield reinforcement (third from the bottom) that helps add rigidity to the shields.

To speed up the process, Eris Ryan has passed on the link to 3D One's stl file and gcode for specific machines

If you would like to liase with 3D one's effort directly, here's the page to do that.

There is also a design for ear guards that alleviate strap stress on ears, these could be a good donation item or general use by members of the public that dislike the ear-strap sensation. Here is the design

Here are some images of printing efforts so far, by members Drew Spriggs, Timothy Reiche, Jaimyn Mayer, and Ian Redmond:

Currently there are no calls for ventilation fabrication, however, David Bussenschut (Buzz on the forums and Discord) has been working with a group to come up with designs and prototypes. If this is something you'd like to work on, please get in touch with him.

Again, there has not been an official call for cloth masks, but members of HSBNE and the community may feel safer wearing one while in public. Emily Taylor and Zach Forrester are looking into producing these, if you would like to join in for making these, or would like to have one, please contact Emily. (Pommygirl on the forums and Discord)

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