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Assets Managed Blue Elephant CNC Sheet Router ELE1325ATC-R "Bumblebee"
Communications Discord Chat
Meeting Times TBA
  • Commissioning the BE CNC
  • Maintenance of the BE CNC
  • Supplying consumables

As soon as possible

  • Complete physical implementation of the machine. E.g. spoilboard and wiring.
  • See Trello board

Short Term (June 16)

  • Have a provisional system in place for members to do jobs on the BE CNC but not necessarily a full induction process
  • Form a maintenance policy for the BE CNC

Mid Term (July 31)

  • Implement a complete induction process for members to use the CNC.

Long Term

  • Unify/streamline the induction process for the YAG, Hildi, and BE CNC.

Trello board:

Invite link:

Josh - Team leader responsibilities - Commissioning CNC
Ryan - Documentation - Commissioning CNC - - Ongoing maintenance - CNC Supervisor - Trello maintainer
David - Commissioning CNC
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