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 +====== Sewing Machines ======
 +Craft Punk has:
 +  * Brand Sewing MAchine
 +Video on how a [[https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=rUSecXVt-jU&​feature=youtu.be|sewing machine works]]
 +* Induction Process: ask the Cause Leader, a Supervisor or a Maintainer to schedule an Induction class (if one is not already scheduled) or for a private induction.
 +* Wiki self-help guide pending
 +* Recognition of Competency Assessment available upon request
 +★A Recognition of Competency Assessment is where you feel you have the required knowledge and skills to use the tool safely and properly. This may also include details specific to Craft Punk and our internal requirements of caring for the tool.
 +* Cause Leader, Supervisors and Maintainers are listed on the Wiki. Inductions are dependant on volunteer availability. ​
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