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 +====== Sublimation Printing ======
 +Sublimation printing uses sublimation ink, printed via an ink jet printer onto sublimation paper, which is then applied under heat and pressure to a suitable blank object.\\
 +  * Epson Printer - Refurbished with sublimation ink
 +  * Equipment for refilling the cartridges
 +  * Mug Press
 +  * Plate Press
 +  * T-shirt Press
 +Note - Currently you will need your art work on your own laptop, and connect it to the Epson printer. Going forward we hope to have a dedicated laptop with templates to assist in aligning artwork with the blank.
 +  * Sublimation ink - for refilling printer cartridges
 +  * Sublimation Paper
 +  * Blank Mugs
 +  * Blank Plates\\
 +Note- The dollar value of consumables is yet to be confirmed. When it is, this information will be updated. In the meantime, ​ please make a reasonable donation to the Craftpunk Tin to help restock the supplies.\\
 +During the process of sublimation tools and objects are heated to temperatures of around 210ÂșC. Appropriate safety equipment, ie gloves, insulation cloths, are to be used when handling hot objects.
 +- Any relevant video links
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