Please read this page before using any of our 3D filament.

It is expected that you pay for any filament that you use for the 3D printers. Octoprint will automatically calculate the time taking into account the estimate print time, and filament usage. The below filaments are compatible with our printers. If you have been authorised to use your own slicer, please use an approximate cost of $40/kg of filament when calculating the cost. If you've been authorised to use your own filament, please donate approx $2/hr for printer usage and maintenance.

We do not recommend people print with this as PETG is a generally a better alternative for most situations. ABS is very strong and has high heat tolerance. It has a glass transition temperature of around 100 degrees which means this is when it gets soft. However, it's plagued by warping problems and is notoriously difficult to print with.

PETG is recommended over ABS as it's nearly as strong but has slightly less heat resistance. It's much easier to print with and does not normally have printing or warping issues. It has a glass transition temperature of around 80 degrees.

PLA is the most brittle and weak of filaments and also has a fairly low glass transition temperature of around 60 degrees. PLA is recommended for it's ease of printing whenever you don't need the strength or heat resistance of PETG.

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