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 +===== HSBNE'​s Tools =====
 +Tools documents the various things HSBNE operates, small to big. Laser Cutters, 3d Printers, PCB Etchers, Mills, Lathes, Saws, it all goes here. It is grouped by the area it is located in.
 +==== Areas ====
 +=== Automotive ===
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 +=== Blacksmithing ===
 +<nspages tools:​blacksmithing -exclude:​home -usePictures -h1 -textNS=""​ -textPages=""​ -subns -pagesInNs -naturalOrder>​
 +=== Craft Punk ===
 +Overseen by the [[causes/​craftpunk|Craft Punk Cause]].
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 +=== Digital Fabrication ===
 +Overseen by the [[causes/​digitalfabrication|Digital Fabrication Cause]].
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 +=== Electronics Bench ===
 +Overseen by the [[causes/​electronics|Electronics Cause]].
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 +=== Forge ===
 + <​nspages tools:forge -exclude:​home -usePictures -h1 -textNS=""​ -textPages=""​ -subns -pagesInNs -naturalOrder>​
 +=== Metal Shop ===
 +Overseen by the [[causes/​metalworking|Machine Shop Cause]].
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 +=== Wood Shop ===
 +Overseen by the [[causes/​woodworking|Woodworking Cause]].
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 +**Add a Tool
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