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-The superstack speaker is for delivering fresh beats and works with a Chromecast audio. ​ It was made on-site with our ridiculous speaker collection.  ​ 
-{{ :​tools:​superstack.jpg?​nolink |}} 
-**How to Use** 
-To play music on the Superstack, you will need to have chromecast installed on your device and be connected to the HSBNE wifi.  You do not need to climb up on the ladder. ​ You should be able to chromecast from andriod mobiles, youtube or on spotify if you use the premium service. The chromecast button will look like this within your music apps: 
-{{ :​tools:​chromecast_cast_button_icon.svg.png?​nolink&​300 |}} 
-Spotify will natively work with Chromecast, so you can push audio there straight from inside the app (under '​Devices Available'​) 
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