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 +====== Disc Sander ======
 +The disc sander is for finishing edges and flat surfaces. ​ This was hacked together from a smaller disc sander.  ​
 +{{ :​tools:​discsander.jpg?​nolink |}}
 +  * Wear safety glasses always.
 +  * Wear a mask if you make lots of dust.
 +No "​ON"​ switch, turns on when plugged in.  Spins in a clockwise direction - so best to use the right hand side of the disk (so your work is pushed into the bed, rather than into your face).  ​
 +Sandpaper should be regularly changed. ​
 +**How to Use**
 +Place timber butt up against the flat guide and slowly edge it into the spinning disc.  Keep fingers away from disc when holding timber. ​ Move the timber across the radius of the disc rather than keeping it in one place.  ​
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