Electronics Cause

Location: The Electronics bench, taking up the right hand wall of the greenroom, opposite where the TV is mounted.

Cause Leader: Brendan (nog3) Halliday - Previously Blair Calderara

Objective: To provide an accessible electronics work-space that allows advanced electronic design to be conducted at HSBNE.

Members: See Current List

Communications: Forums and #electronics in Slack.

  • Please leave the area as clean or cleaner than you found it.
  • Please make sure to put money in the donation tin for consumables.
  • Please don’t leave things running on the power supplies unattended.
  • Please don’t leave irons or other tools on when you’re not immediately using them.
  • Please return tools to their homes.
  1. Spot Welder -
  • Induction process is to demonstrate safe use of the tool and then get them to try it also.
  1. Reflow Oven -
  • Induction process is to run through approved uses for the oven and how to achieve them and demonstrate use of front panel and default oven profiles.
  • Maintainers are Brendan (nog3) and Blair (merseyless)

Currently none of our tools require supervision.

Tools are generally maintained by the cause leader, so check in with them before embarking on fixing a tool.

No tools require supervision currently.

Monthly Consumables Discretionary - $100. This is for reimbursing purchases of things required from the Electronics Cause Consumables list.

  • Rebuild the electronics bench along the wall.
  • Hang electronics components drawers under the bench.
  • Build a shelf to hold all the obvious tools and consumables up off the bench so it can be swept easily
  • Replicate our current setup in to at least 2 bays worth of equipment that are the same or functionally similar
  • Make the bays swipe-to-turn-on with a clear time indicator and a 'add time' button.
  • Acquire transistor sets
  • Acquire more iso pumps
  • Finish restock of capacitors
  • Purchase headers and trimmer pots
  • Purchase hand tools to be chained to workbench.
  • Begin sorting boneyard IC’s
  • Figure out how to store these IC’s
  • Setting up SMD components
  • To be held every (or every second) Saturday from midday till 1:30pm
  • How to read schematics and construct circuits
  • Making a radio
  • Basic electronic measurement and component characteristics
  • Soldering class
  • Oscilloscope measurement and basic AC circuits
  • Basic circuit analysis and component calculation
  • The transistor and you
  • Introduction to opamps
  • Introduction to 555 timer
  • Introduction to logic gates
  • Introduction to microcontrollers
  • The arduino, reading sensors
  • Remote reading and switching
  • Basic circuit troubleshooting
  • Electronic circuit strategy (building blocks of circuit design)
  • Making a PCB
  • Designing a PCB

There are pictures of the bench in a clean state, please return them to it. Label where stuff should go and put it there if it isn't. Ensure that members who use the electronics workbench do the same.