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 ====== Digital Fabrication Cause ====== ====== Digital Fabrication Cause ======
-Also known as the Digifab Cause, this cause'​s goals are to provide, maintain, and run classes for equipment in the principles of digital fabrication and related fabrication services. Digifab currently operates out of the room on the left at the end of the Green Room. The room is accessed via Swipe card for extra security & registering usage patterns etc. The hope is that in the future the door can be temporarily disabled to only open for certain approved members when certain dangerous actions are taking place inside the room (eg calibrating the [[tools:​lasercutter|laser cutter]], which requires temporarily disabling the machine'​s safety features so it can be operated with the lid open and the raw beam accessible, so everyone in the room should be wearing safety goggles).+**Location:​** The Digital Fabrication room is the room on the left at the end of the Green Room farthest from the driveway.
-Because many of the pieces of equipment in this room are sensitive or delicate in their operationthis room tries to operate as a "cleaner" ​environment than the rest of the space, which is often a bit too dusty for Digifab'​s equipment. Digifab members therefore regularly vacuum the carpet, wipe down the benches, and try to keep all surfaces clear of clutter. And as always, anyone who uses the equipment in this room is requested to leave the equipment cleaner than you found it.+**Cause Leader:** Cause Leader: Aaron Bycroftaka "Crofty"
-===== Members ​===== +**Objective:​** Digital Fabrication'​s goals are to provide, maintain, and run classes for equipment in the principles of digital fabrication and related fabrication services  
-Cause Leader: Aaron Bycroft, aka "​Crofty"​+ 
 +**Members:​** See [[https://​portal.hsbne.org/​cause/​list/​|Current List]] 
 +**Communications:​** [[https://​forum.hsbne.org/​c/​cause-effect/​digital-fabrication|Forums]] and #​cause-digifab in [[https://​discord.gg/​avtkH5t|Discord Chat]]. 
 +===== Cause Area Expectations ​===== 
 +  * Please leave the area as clean or cleaner than you found it. 
 +  * Please make sure to put money in the donation tin for consumables & tool use. 
 +  * Please return tools to their homes.
 ===== Notable Equipment ===== ===== Notable Equipment =====
-  * Large Format Printer 
   * Red [[tools:​lasercutter|Laser Cutter]]   * Red [[tools:​lasercutter|Laser Cutter]]
 +  * [[tools:​3dprinters|FDM 3D Printers]]: Left CR-10, Right CR-10, Taz 5, Up Mini
 +  * Resin 3D printer: [[tools:​3dprinters:​photon|Anycubic Photon]]
 +  * [[https://​www.filastruder.com|Filastruder]],​ a 3D printer filament extruder & recycler
   * CAD modelling computer   * CAD modelling computer
-  * [[http://​www.filastruder.com|Filastruder]],​ a 3D printer filament extruder & recycler +  * Acrylic sheet bender
-  * Right CR-10 +
-  * Left CR-10+
-===== Current Projects ​===== +===== Tools requiring Induction ​===== 
-  * Finish upgrades to Red Laser Cutter+[[tools:​lasercutter|Red Laser cutter]]
-===== Classes =====+===== Tools requiring Supervision ===== 
 +[[tools:​lasercutter|Red Laser cutter]] 
 +===== Process for becoming a Maintainer ===== 
 +Tools are generally maintained by the maintainers listed on the relevant tool Wiki page, so check in with them before embarking on fixing a tool. 
 +===== Ongoing Budgets ===== 
 +Monthly Consumables Discretionary - $100. This is for reimbursing purchases of cause consumables. 
 +===== Current Goals ===== 
 +  * Clean up room 
 +  * Price up supplies. 
 +  * Write up Photon workflow. 
 +  * Write up Up Mini workflow 
 +===== Proposed ​Classes =====
   * How to Vector   * How to Vector
   * How to 3D Model   * How to 3D Model
   * How to 3D Print   * How to 3D Print
   * How to Filastrude   * How to Filastrude
 +===== Cleaning plan =====
 +Digital Fabrication contains equipment that is sensitive to dust, and mess. The room must be vacuumed by users of the tools at least once a fortnight.
 +===== Current Projects =====
 +  * Finish upgrades to Red Laser Cutter
 +===== Classes =====