Causes are micro groups within HSBNE that are empowered to direct funds towards their own interests without having to convince merit to the group as a whole. In exchange for autonomy, Causes take some responsibility for the upkeep and community building of the hackerspace.

This means that (for example) a group of blacksmithers can direct funds specifically towards their interests (ie a new anvil) without having to convince the wider group of its merit as an expenditure. It means they can maintain their area and buy appropriate consumables for it.

You can select up to 3 causes to support in the Membership Portal.

The link below goes to the main Causes folder that is accessible by any cause leader and actively engaged member. If you don’t already have access please ask Jaimyn, Brendan, or the exec and we can add you.

In here you’ll find a folder for each cause which contains the cause operating policy, a folder called Tools and any other cause related documents. Things like induction scripts, tests, machine manuals, etc should go into this folder (make a new folder under Tools for each tool).

In the root Causes folder, you’ll find templates for the cause operating policy and JIT Documentation that would be great to see posted near each tool.

Google Drive Causes Folder

You can add new tools to your cause area by using the form at the top of the Tools page.

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