This wiki is here for you to utilise to document things around the space, and for members to document their projects.

HSBNE Documentation

  • Cause areas Each area at HSBNE is run by a group of people as a 'Cause'
  • Team areas A WIP while causes transition to the new teams system.
  • Tool documentation Documentation and how-to's for the various tools found at Hackerspace.
  • Tool inductions Where to find tool usage and induction documentation.
  • Meeting minutes Find all of our meeting minutes here.
  • Infrastructure Document the various infrastructure around HSBNE.

General Documentation

  • Contacts Who to contact for most things around the space.
  • How To General guides on how to get things done around the space.
  • Faq Q&A, common answers to your questions about the hackerspace.
  • Resources Where can I learn skills? Where can I buy stuff to make stuff with? Who is cheap, delivers, in Brisbane, stocks, can get or has good service?
  • History History of the space.
  • home
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