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 +====== Drop Saw ======
 +The drop saw is for cutting long pieces of timber into smaller pieces. ​ It's official name is a Hitachi Slide Compound Mitre Saw 305mm C12RSH.
 +  * Wear safety glasses always. ​
 +  * Wear hearing protection as needed.
 +  * Adjustable laser line for accurate and easy cutting
 +  * Zero clearance slide structure
 +  * Thumb actuated positive mitre stops for quick and easy adjustment and this product is equipped with a soft grip handle to minimise vibrations ​
 +  * Experience smooth, fast cutting with this grey Hitachi slide compound mitre saw, which can cut through a variety of materials and is suitable for     a range of home improvement tasks. A large base and zero clearance slide structure ensure stable cutting, with a 120mm pivoting sub-fence on the right and left for supporting large stock. This product is equipped with a soft grip handle to minimise vibrations and improve user comfort and features a blade guard for increased safety.
 +  * The adjustable laser line offers precise, accurate cuts, while the thumb-actuated positive mitre stops are quick and easy to adjust. High performance dust collection removes airborne particles and helps to keep work areas clean and safe.
 +**How to Use**
 +To make a cut, make sure the timber is butt up against the guide and held firmly using your hand or a clamp. ​ Hold the safety lever while pushing the ‘on’ button (these are right next to each other). ​  Pull the blade forward as necessary, drop and move the saw back to home.  ​
 +The angle of the blade can be adjusted by loosening the lower handle, and pinching the handle below it to slide along the angle-labelled axis.  ​
 +The depth of the cut can be adjusted using the smaller knob near the ‘you must be inducted to use this tool’ sign.  ​
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