This page lists the various tools and machines available for HSBNE members to use. Laser Cutters, 3d Printers, Mills, Lathes, Saws, etc.; it all goes here. This page is grouped by HSBNE cause areas. The standard template for adding new tool pages can be found here.

Any registered wiki user can create a new tool page by using the form below (only visible to logged in users). Just select the cause area, enter the name of the tool, then click “Add page”.

1) Login using your HSBNE Wiki account (contact @infrastructure on discord if you have any problems).

2) Check this list to make sure the page you want to add doesn't already exist.

3) If the page doesn't exist, you can create a new one by filling out the form above.

4) Once you've clicked the “Add page” button you will see a new page pre-filled with the HSBNE Tool Page template. You should modify this with the information of the tool.

5) Once you are done, click the green “Save” button at the bottom of the page to publish it.

Most tools use our tool template so that we have a consistent approach to documenting our tools and machines. On these tool pages, you'll see a green/amber/red notice box at the top of the page showing the tools current operational status. Directly below this, you'll see the “Usage” area which includes instructions on how to get inducted, how to get started with using the machine, and any important notes.

If you come across a tool wiki page that doesn't use our tool template, it may not have detailed usage/induction instructions. In these cases, please contact the cause that maintains the tool via their channel in Discord, or on our membership forum here. The most common way to get inducted with these tools is to organise an induction directly with a cause volunteer, but it varies, so be sure to ask.

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