Who to contact at HSBNE.

For anything to do with how HSBNE runs on a day to day basis, outside of cause areas, you should email the Executive on [serena2009@rhinocnclaser.com].

Individual roles of the exec are:

Position Name Discord Email
President Murray Wayper @Antifoo president@hsbne.org
Treasurer Joshua Hogendorn @devians treasurer@hsbne.org
Secretary Scott Wilson @Siridar secretary@hsbne.org

For anything to do with cause areas, please post in the relevant discord channel or contact a member of the cause leader team (which can be found on each cause's wiki page).

You can report an issue in the membership portal here if you can't work out who to ask for help, find a broken tool, or find something that someone needs to know about. Alternatively, you can send an email to issues@hsbne.org.

If there's anything wrong with the digital infrastructure (like our access system, member portal, etc.), let us know in the #infrastructure channel on Discord or by email to infrastructure@hsbne.org. You can also report an issue in the membership portal here.

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