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Blacksmithing Cause

Leader: Alan Webb

The main purpose of the blacksmithing area is to provide a self maintained and intuitive area to practise the art of blacksmithing, metal forging and sand casting.

To maintain a clean, safe and organised smithy, there will be some small tasks that members will have to complete:

After each use, the user much:

  1. Ensure that all tools are put away in their designated areas after use.
  2. The casting furnace is covered to protect it from rain.
  3. Embers are either put out, or scuttled
  4. Clean up any mess caused by work
  5. Gas cylinders are removed and locked in cage

Weekly tasks will include:

  1. Tool stock take
  2. Extensive clean

Monthly takes:

  1. Space maintenance.

As for requests for the space the forum will be checked on a daily basis and all purchases with an overall price of $50 will be decided in a vote.

Meetings will have to be announced and will happen on Tuesdays when announced.

Appointment classes: Inductions on the blacksmithing and forging equipment.

Monthly classes: How to draw and round a steel rod How to make a rail-road spike into a fire stoke. How to cast sand moulds

Inductions can be held by any inducted member of the smithy. Forge welding

Future prospects: Casting: Casting box + trays Ramming tools Cutters and Risers High temperature forges such as: Induction furnace Oil forge Smithing Power hammer Horizontal gas forge Misc Increase tooling (tongs for smelting)

Ideally we would also like to move into building an oil forge or induction furnace. This would allow us to melt/recycle higher temperature metals such as bronze and steel.

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